you will be taken to the hotel building

 On Sunday, Jung-hoo was dressed as much as possible. No matter how hard I try, Sanghee’s skill and toe It wasn't crazy, but it turned out to be surprisingly advanced rather than his usual skill. In the thought of having suffered from the hunger last Sunday, this time the belly speed was improved. After completing the preparations, Jung-hoo set out to the place where he met. Today, unlike other days, it was a new place. It is still a hotel coffee shop, but the M Hotel coffee shop, which Jung-hoo visited for the first time, was the meeting place. Jung-hoo got off at the subway station that his mother told me to check the nearby map. Fortunately, Hotel M was clearly specified near the subway station. Jeong-hoo had plenty of time, so he took a leisurely step into the hotel building marked on the map. But no matter how much I wandered around, it was so spacious and didn't look like a hotel. Jeonghu is a little worried But I tried to pretend to be calm and wandered around the buildi

who speaks of three keys

 First, it was used as a bookmark. Second, I was going to give it to my partner, but I just stuck it in because I was kicked out early. Third, it is a kind of propaganda pamphlet that asks you to use yourself if there is any litigation in the future. Fourth, I like it. Call me............ Etc......... The fourth thing that is not the most realistic possibility here!! Until now, the partners of the same name If you see it... there's no reason I'd like them to be like those flashy girls. Maybe even if the process from old boots to magic transformation is interesting and interesting That will be just fun. And I put business cards in it like this Even if, who will call first!! Didn't you think about that? okay. Fourth is definitely you. So..... First, um......this is also a little weird. I am also among those who have a fairly wide range of business cards Even if it's one person.....Most of them use it as a shoe spatula, or a joripon spatula, I use it as a toothpick or a ki